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Newest Exceptionally Shorewood podcast with guest Kirk Juffer





Can WE get rid of teachers AND drive students out of the district AND increase taxes without batting an eyelash?


YES, we can . . . we are Shorewood Proud!


We’ll hire someone to do it for us and bask in our exceptional taste.





‘Those who lie also serve’

Serve the School Board as a community propagandist



Reporter’s Notebook – Odds and ends

Who will hire the new Police Chief?



ShorewoodNewsroom staff writer

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (September 16, 2021) – The Village is hiring a new Police Chief, in an atmosphere of heightened scrutiny regarding social justice and racial disparities in policing.  Also, in light of the Weiss study which laid the groundwork for police reform in Shorewood.  These five people have a significant role. MORE



Why couldn’t they block reform before hiring the $50,000 consultant?

2 Commissioners resign, chief quits, clerk skips out and trustees falter amid demands for police reform




ShorewoodNewsroom Staff

SHOREWOOD, WIS. (Sept. 11, 2021) – Consultant Alexander Weiss presented the findings of his $50,000 Shorewood police organization study last November. Ten months later, many of his most important recommendations are getting short shrift. After the League of Wisconsin Municipalities chimed in, people started jumping ship. More


On Exceptionally Shorewood podcast


Why did the village president break her campaign promise about filling commission openings on her first outing? And can a trustee ethically serve both the village and Milwaukee?


Yes, because Village Manager Rebecca Ewald  refuses to put an ethics ordinance on the board’s agenda.


 (Would Milwaukee Ald. Chantia Lewis lose her assignments if she served in Shorewood?)

 Promises made; promises broken.

But maybe we just don’t understand …

Maybe PinocchiMcKeig  just wants to be a real girl.


Ignoring police reform, open records, theft of village assets, and incompetent legal advice, Village manager begins looking for replacement for Clerk Sara Bruckman


Why are parents pulling their kids out of Shorewood schools? And what will it mean to our tax bills?

Check it out on Exceptionally Shorewood podcast



Aug. 8, 2021


Are Shorewood dog owners using masks for doggie diapers, and what can our ‘progressive’ trustees learn from a study on the causes of corruption in India?

Listen to Exceptionally Shorewood podcast



Citizen groups question village commitment to police oversight

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (July 24, 2021) –

Exceptionally Shorewood podcast: When the Shorewood Village Board meets Aug. 2, will trustees side with police, or residents who want more police accountability and citizen oversight? Guests are Kristin Sziarto and Michelle Waite of the Police Accountability Committee of Shorewood, who discuss the police reorganization study and how officials are responding. Podcast

Contact the group here.

Police Commissioners Blindsided by Sunshine


ShorewoodNewsroom staff writer

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (July 15, 2021) -- Transparency reared its ugly head at the Shorewood Police Commission meeting today, and nearly everyone was caught unprepared. Video

The Commission, meeting for the first time in nine months, unanimously elected Rick Cole president by 4-1 vote and Jennifer Anderson secretary. But the five members could not agree on much else except adjourning. More


July 10, 2021

School Board Meets (and Meets and Meets) Where the Sun Don’t Shine




ShorewoodNewsroom staff writers

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (July 10, 2021) – What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business. But now, we're talking about the School Board and civics, not prurient interests. Story

July 6, 2021

New Exceptionally Shorewood podcast

Fifteen years after settling a lawsuit over the cost of public records, Shorewood’s elected officials still can’t wrap their brains around the concept of duty or transparency. Can the village board’s new members show they understand? Podcast index


June 1, 2021

Trinity of Politics:

Ethics, money, power take the field at the Plan Commission on June 1 to decide the fate of Sunseekers-site development proposal



 SHOREWOOD, Wis. (June 1, 2021) – The brawl over a proposed development at the Sunseekers site, at Capitol and Stowell, will reconvene June 1st back at the Plan Commission, after the Board of Appeals bounced the matter back to the Plan Commission on May 4th. Story



May 30, 2021

Exceptionally Shorewood podcast:


New Village Board priorities, property assessment, pickle ball, school superintendent quits and other village news.



Plummeting Enrollment


Can the school district balance its budget without out-of-district kids?




The Shorewood School District is counting on families to re-enroll students who left local schools last year, purportedly due to the district’s decision to offer only virtual instruction throughout most of the school year. But what else is at play? Story




Sunseekers site proposed development:


Residents Pushed Back: what will Plan Commission do?


After remand, Plan Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, 6/1/2021, to decide whether a four-story apartment proposed for northwest corner of E. Capitol and N. Stowell gets an exemption from zoning requirements that apply to everyone else.


 Who has more influence?

Residents, or developers who make campaign donations to trustees who will vote on the issue?


Dueling lawyer letters:


Village Atty. Bayer | Atty. Joseph R. Cincotta


Did village attorney violate ethics rules?


Download the agenda



May 27, 2021

Superintendent Davis Gets New Oshkosh Gig






SHOREWOOD, WIS. (May 27, 2021) – After six years on the job, School Superintendent Bryan Davis has quit to assume that position with Oshkosh Area School District. Davis, who holds a doctorate in urban education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will stay on the job through June. Full story here




Exceptionally Shorewood podcast

Can we save the bluff mansions?

Architect Jeff Stein, a long-time Arcosanti buff and apprentice to Italian architect Paolo Solari, has some big ideas about “progress” in places like Shorewood. As our village faces new development and increased traffic, we discuss what it would take to bring about an arcology – a self-contained community that gets over cars, single-family housing, and commuting. By bringing architecture and ecology together, can Shorewood be saved from ultimately being washed into the lake?

Exceptionally Shorewood podcast




Do you put dog poop in other peoples’ trash?

Does the Village Board hate ethics reform?

Find out more from our podcast.



Board of Appeals remands Sunseekers’ exemption to Plan Commission for more parking hearings.





SHOREWOOD, Wis. (May 4, 2021) The Board of Appeals today voted 3-1 to remand to the Plan Commission for further action its decision to exempt a proposed four-story apartment at the northwest corner of East Capitol Drive and North Stowell Avenue from minimum parking requirements.

The board instructed the Plan Commission to re-open the record, to allow additional evidence, and to hold a public hearing, if necessary, to determine whether the exemption is warranted.


The makeup of the Plan Commission has changed since the body found the parking exemption was warranted.


Former Village President Allison Rozek and Trustee Kathy Stokebrand sat on the previous Plan Commission. When Ann McKaig was elected president in April, she gave herself a seat on the commission, and replaced Stokebrand with Trustee Tammy Bockhorst. Bockhorst in the past lobbied the Plan Commission to approve the exemption. See April 11, 2021, story by Davida Amenta



SHS Ripples staff steps up for election duties


Editors Shannon Carlson and Laura Oldfather discuss the role of students in presenting the candidates for municipal office when no one else took the initiative.


Exceptionally Shorewood podcast focuses on Shorewood student journalists who filled the media void in the April 6 election.





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