The podcast from Wisconsinís most densely progressive village

With Davida Amenta and Geoff Davidian

Produced and Edited by David M. Goldhaber


May 14, 2021

Above: Arcosanti is Paolo Soleriís utopian experiment in the Arizona desert.


Can we save the bluff mansions?

Our guest is architect Jeff Stein, a long-time Arcosanti buff and apprentice to Italian architect Paolo Solari. As Shorewood faces new development and increased traffic, we discuss what it would take to bring about an arcology -- a self-contained community that gets over cars, single-family housing, and commuting. By bringing architecture and ecology together, can Shorewood be saved from ultimately being washed into the lake?


Listen to our interview with Mr. Stein.



A home in the Village of Somers was demolished in 2019 after the bluff on which it sat fell into the lake. It will happen in Shorewood, too. But can anything stop nature?


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